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What Are Quantum Technologies?

Quantum Computing

  • Quantum simulations for chemistry and material science
  • Quantum optimisation, Quantum machine learning and AI
  • Quantum cryptoanalysis, post-quantum cryptography
  • Quantum computer hardware and software
  • Quantum secure communication and quantum key distribution (QKD)
  • Quantum data transition and distributed quantum computing
  • Quantum random number generator
  • Quantum network, quantum repeater and switch

Quantum Internet

Quantum Sensing and Imaging

  • Quantum and atomic clocks
  • Quantum inertial navigation
  • Quantum underground and undersea mapping and detection
  • Quantum chemical detections
  • Quantum radar, 3D camera, low-SNR and medical imaging

What We Do

  • We study quantum physics and technologies.
  • We watch the quantum market and ecosystem.
  • We discover new quantum opportunities. 
  • We analyse the impact of quantum technologies.
  • We develop quantum software.
  • We focus on defence, security and space sector.

What We Offer

  • We offer tailor-made analyses and studies.
  • We provide consultations and expertise.
  • We transfer quantum knowledge.
  • We help with quantum education and training.

Our Projects


Qubits.cz is an online magazine written in Czech whose goal is to bring news from the quantum technology world. The important part is the introductory serial to the subject.

About Us

Quantum Phi s.r.o. is a small consulting, analytics, educational and research company from Prague, the Czech Republic. We focus on the knowledge of quantum technologies, their principles, academic research, industry, and their applications, with the emphasis on applications for the defence, space, and security sector.


Tensor Ventures
Defence and Security Innovation Hub

Our People

Michal Krelina, Ph.D.

Founder, CEO, researcher

Let’s us help with your next quantum project

Quantum technology introduction, market opportunity, feasibility study, technological challenges and tailored quantum applications.

Latest news


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We invite you to for a discussion with our founder Michal Krelina at the International Institute for Strategic Studies with Greg Austin and Franz-Stefan Gady on the military potential of…

Quantum Warfare Mapping

Prague, Czech Republic, Mar. 24, 2021 — Today, our Founder Michal Krelina published a preprint Quantum Warfare: Definitions, Overview and Challenges available at arXiv.org. This report aims to review and map…