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Quantum Warfare Mapping

Prague, Czech Republic, Mar. 24, 2021 — Today, our Founder Michal Krelina published a preprint Quantum Warfare: Definitions, Overview and Challenges available at This report aims to review and map the possible quantum technologies military applications to serve as the introductory point for international peace and international security assessment, ethics research, or military and governmental policy, strategy and decision making.

Quantum Warfare is a new term that describes not only quantum technologies military applications but brings new military strategies, doctrines, scenarios, and peace or ethics issues. Although all these aspects can be known to some countries with advanced quantum R&D, there is generally low awareness of what quantum technologies mean for the future from the intelligence and defence point of view.

About Quantum Phi

Quantum Phi s.r.o. is a small consulting, analytics, educational and research company from Prague, the Czech Republic. focus on the knowledge of quantum technologies, its principles, academic research, industry, and their applications with the emphasis on applications for defence, space, and security sector.

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